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Los Ranchitos is a community set in the beautiful Florida River Valley approximately 13 miles NE of Durango.  We are on the mountain side of Florida Road (CR240) nestled in the tall Ponderosa pines, quaking Aspens with plentiful wildlife.
We are 
grateful to all our neighbors who volunteer and work hard to help keep our community a safe and peaceful place to live.
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Next Board Meeting
To Be Determined
July Wine "Fiesta"
You are invited to a Wine Fiesta at the Leisure's home.  Bring you own beer, wine, Sangria or Margarita and an appetizer or dessert.
Sat, July 20th @ 5pm, No RSVP needed
647 Los Ranchitos Drive
August Wine Fest
SAT, August 24th

Save the Date!
Mike & Anita McCoy's

2024 Annual Potluck
SAT, August 10th, 5pm
Frank & Anita Pirrone's Home
590 Los Ranchitos Drive
Please click on the link below to sign up for a dish that you will be bringing.



Please bring a chair for each person in your family.


Come by early at 4:30pm to help The Social Committee set up tables, chairs & tents


The Social Committee will be providing Beer, Wine, Water, Ice, Lemonade or Iced Tea, Plates, Napkins, Silverware, and Cups.


Also, please bring a non-perishable food item or two, to donate to one of our local food banks. Examples are canned goods, dried foods, nuts and nut butters, grains, powdered milk, crackers, jerky, granola bars, and instant oatmeal.

BOARD Meetings
The last Regular Board Meeting was on May 29, 2024
The last Annual Board Meeting was on June 1, 2024
IMPORTANT Announcements

Wildfire Mitigation Chipping Event
Click HERE for
Photos and Information

Spring Perennial Planting Event
Click HERE for
Photo of "hard work"
Magnesium Chloride was applied on all HOA roads on June 6, 2024
Driving no more than the posted speed limit of 15 mph will help save our roads, reduce dust and protect our children and pets.
It would be very helpful to remind workers, delivery people and guests to mind the speed limit as well.


Important Emergency Information
A medical emergency station has been installed and is accessible to anyone in the community 24 hours per day.

Location: Water pump house in front of 1202 Los Ranchitos Dr. (Milder's)
Supplies include:
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Stop-the-Bleed Kit
Narcan Nasal Administration kit
(for Opioid Overdose Emergencies)

The full LRE Emergency Plan can be found HERE.  Please report use of any of these items to Brent Leisure,, 979-229-3806 OR Gary Karner,, 608-516-3050
Board of Directors
To email a Board Member, click on the applicable name below.
Chair: Stuart Graber
Member: Gary Nichols
Member: Mike McCoy
Member: Roxanne Hamilton
Member: George Pearson
To email an Officer, click on the applicable name below.
President: Tom Hamilton
Vice President: Eric King
Secretary: Brent Leisure

(minute-taker only)
Treasurer: Trish King
Our community is stronger when more members actively participate in our governance.  Please consider joining your volunteer neighbors who are on the Board or acting as Officers and/or committee members!

Note: If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the President, Tom Hamilton and/or the Chairperson of the applicable Committe
To email a Committee Chair, simply click on the applicable name below.


Architectural (ARC)
René Nichols
Tom Hamilton & Stuart Graber

Stuart Graber

Fire Mitigation/Emergency Management
Brent Leisure & Gary Karner
Donna Graham
Patti Milder & Christi Leisure
Patti Milder
Mailboxes (Ad hoc)
Cathy Eppinger
Document Review (Ad hoc)
George Pearson

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