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Landscape/Beautification Chair: Donna Graham
Cathy Eppinger
Judy Reed
Mary Garrison
Grady Garrison
Duties Include:
Planning and executing actions that result in an improved appearance to Los Ranchitos including signage and common area landscaping.  The committee also ensures that all mailboxes are well maintained and in working condition and help to replace locks with new keys for Homeowners who need replacements.
Landscape/Beautification Projects
May 17, 2024 Spring Perennial Planting Event

Several members of the community got down and dirty to help plant perennial flowers at our West Entrance.  Thank you to our Landscape Committee Chair Donna Graham and the rest of the volunteer workers who planted several flats of flowers to help beautify our neighborhood.  
L to R: Gary Nichols (taking selfie), Sandi Cooke, Donna Graham, Judy Reed, René Nichols, Cathy Eppinger and Trish King
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Noxious Weeds Email
(from Donna Graham, 6/13/2023)

The State of Colorado has identified Noxious Weeds
that are recommended to be managed on our properties 

and are divided into 3 categories

(listed in RED below are the weeds in our neighborhood

that should be controlled)

List A species in Colorado are designated by the Commissioner for eradication

List B noxious weed species have (or will have) a state noxious weed management plan developed to stop their spread:

     - Canadian Thistle - Perennial

     - Biennials - Musk Thistle, Scotch Thistle, Bull Thistle

     - Houndstongue - Biennial

     - Hoary Cress - Perennial

     - Yellow Toadflax - Perennial

List C noxious weed species

     - Common Mullein - Biennial

     - Field Bindweed - Perennial

Other Prolific & Aggressive Weeds

     - Western Salsify - Biennial

     - Dandelion - Perennial

Notable Weed Fact Sheets
[Click each to learn more]
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