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Los Ranchitos Estates
A great place to call home!

Los Ranchitos is more than just a beautiful place to live. It's a place where everyone works together to make good things happen for our community.
Whether it's working to maintain the roads or the water system or welcoming new neighbors, it's our people, our friends and our neighbors who define us!

Learn more about each of the committees and maybe even
become an active member of one of your favorite!

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Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee reviews building plans submitted for construction to ensure they meet the standards set forth by the community and the governing documents.

Chair: René Nichols
Pam Jagdfeld
Eric King
Lauren Smith

Doug Ogilvy
Water Committee
The Water Committee is responsible for the maintenance of a safe and reliable water supply.
Duties include maintenance of pumps, switches, valves and other water related equipment.
The committee is also tasked with providing adequate chlorination and water quality testing as required by La Plata County code. An additional responsibility is to read all community water meters as required by the Tiered Water System.


Chair: Stuart Graber
Jim Altree (Water Operation Manager)
Barb Altree
Kyle Amstadter

Brent Leisure
Rich Milder

Frank Pirrone

Lemon Reservoir

Wildfire Mitigation
Emergency Management Committee
 This committee is responsible for identifying and proposing plans that will reduce the vulnerability of the community experiencing a catastrophic wildfire event and for addressing other emergency related matters.
Other duties include, but are not limited to, educating residents of Los Ranchitos regarding strategies to be employed and the resources available to mitigate their respective properties.


Co-Chairs: Gary Karner & Brent Leisure

Jim Altree

Bob Eppinger

Anita McCoy

Chair: Donna Graham
Cathy Eppinger
Judy Reed
Mary Garrison
Grady Garrison
Duties Include:
Planning and executing actions that result in an improved appearance to Los Ranchitos including signage and common area landscaping.  The committee also ensures that all mailboxes are well maintained and in working condition and help to replace locks with new keys for Homeowners who need replacements.
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