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ad hoc Mailbox Committee
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***This is an ad hoc Committee***
it will be disbanded when finished with its
Board assigned tasks

The ad hoc Mailbox Committee is currently working to possibly consolidate our mailboxes to a new combined location
Chair: Cathy Eppinger
Kyle Amstadter
Donna Graham
Brent Leisure
Doug Ogilvy
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Community Email concerning Mailboxes (This email was sent on March 12, 2024)
Hello neighbors. 
Thank you for participating in our recent ballot on the mailbox structure.  We had a great turnout on this ballot with 84% participation.  Here are the results:
Replacing the mailbox structures with one consolidated structure received 24 votes.  Leaving the mailboxes in their current locations received 22 votes.  We will move forward with replacing the mailboxes.  As for location, the west entrance received 33 votes and the east entrance received 9 votes.  The new mailbox structure will be built at the west entrance.
The Mailbox Committee will discuss their next steps at our next board meeting, stay tuned for an invite.
(Note: this meeting is now scheduled for April 11, 2024 @ 7pm; Amstadter home, 1057 LR Drive)
Thanks again for your engagement, LRE HOA Board
ad hoc Mailbox Committee Information
Initial statement from the Committee Chair, Cathy Eppinger:
A number of community requests have been made over the last several years asking the board to address the aging mailboxes and the traffic safety issues related to their location.  The board decided to poll the neighborhood.  The consensus was that the both sets of mailboxes should be replaced, consolidated, moved to the west entrance, a new cover built and the location placed in a safer spot.  There has been consultation with the post office and they prefer to have the mailboxes consolidated as well.  A survey of the adjacent property has just been completed.  The committee can now formulate a specific plan for the entrance areas and new mailboxes.
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